Welcome to the New Financial Year!

We would like to let all our clients know that appointments are available in July if you have all of your Tax information ready, such as PAYG Summary, Bank Interest Statements, Dividends etc.

If you are relying on the ATO Pre-fill report generated by the ATO for this information, it would be best to book in an appointment in August as the ATO only have this information finalised by then.

Our office is open and appointments for the completion of your tax work can be made via phone or email.

This year, we are providing a discount if you choose to drop your work in for completion or have virtual meetings – via Zoom or Skype.

You can drop your work off at our front desk, email it to your accountant or securely upload it to our Client Portal. 

Please email info@needham.com.au to gain access to our client portal or links to a Zoom /Skype meeting or call our office on 02 6124 8700.

We look forward to seeing you all.

Team Needhams